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For nearly 30 years Elite Office Systems have helped its customers take control of their print cost and performance.

Most companies don’t have the facilities to monitor or review their multifunction copiers and printer fleet. They tend to purchase on price and with just their current needs in mind. This has left them with higher print costs and simply no data available to monitor their print performance in order to implement change and reduce costs.

Initial Fact Finding

The very first step is gaining visibility of their current print situation by conducting a print audit. This will give us a record of the machines in the fleet along with their usage and current costs. From this we can advise using factual data.

Our Services

We can then design a specific print strategy based around your business print needs to save money, enhance the productivity and security of your print.

The main aim and focus is to help businesses save money and improve productivity by:

  • Gaining Visibility and control of your printing
  • Cutting the cost of print
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving security
  • Cutting out wastage
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Consolidating machines

Continual Support & Monitoring

As part of our managed print service we can integrate your multifunction devices & printers with print management software allowing us to monitor the live performance of the devices.

Key Benefits

  • Live monitoring of toner levels. We will automatically send out toners when the machines require them
  • Automatic meter readings sent over. No need for us to request the information from yourselves
  • Certain service codes sent directly over to us
  • Allows continue reporting to control future costs


Along with print management software we can implement follow-me print which will allow companies to monitor individual users print usage along with setting out print parameters if required. It will allow users to send their print jobs to a print server and then pull their jobs down to the multifunction devices when needed using a unique passcode set for each user stopping wastage and improving security.

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